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At Fleet Feet Sports our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and motivational walking and running training programs in the country. These programs cater to the local community, but are part of a national network. Fleet Feet Sports training participants will feel a sense of inclusiveness and belonging while safely meeting fitness goals. 

Fleet Feet San Diego is hosting a series of training programs in 2018.

We use a schedule that is designed to increase evenly and progressively from start to finish. We break it up into three 4-week training phases for a typical training program, each with very specific training focuses:

  • Weeks 1-3: Introduction - in these weeks we introduce you to base pace, various workout types, and common themes in running
  • Weeks 4-6: Build & Strength - these weeks we will begin to increase weekly mileage, add strength and flexibility training, and focus on consistency 
  • Weeks 7-9: Sharpen & Lengthen - in this phase, we get confident with our work and perfect what we've done previously
  • Weeks 10-Race Week: Recover & Race Prep - the last few weeks of training are dedicated to rest, race planning and staying loose

*Our programs are progressive in nature, with each week building upon the last - slow, steady and consistent!
**Weekday meetups consist of different types of workouts (intervals, hills, fartlek, tempo, plyometrics, and good form running)
***Weekends are for long runs and recovery! We start out with a relatively short distance and slowly but surely build to our goal distance and pace!

 Upon signing up and paying for the training program, participants will receive an exclusive Perks Package during the course of the training program of in-store discounts for all your running essentials.

Unsure about if our training group is right for you? Come join us for an informational session and/or do a test run with us at one of our weekly sessions before officially committing!
Contact Adam Smith, Fleet Feet San Diego Training Program Coordinator, via email at adam@fleetfeetsandiego.com for more details.

Quarter 1: January 2 - March 4, 2018

Resolution Running 5k & Half-Marathon Training
**Informational meetings on December 26, 2017 @ 6:15pm and December 30, 2017 @ 8:15am.

Quarter 2: March 18 - June 2, 2018
Rocking and Running 5k & Half-Marathon Training
**Informational meeting on March 10th, 2018 @ 8:15am and March 13th, 2018 @ 6:15pm.

 Quarter 3: June 19 - August 14, 2018
Summer Sweat Series
Join us for Summer Training! This will be a FREE program tied in with our weekly fun-runs.
Check out more details and sign up below!


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Summer Sweat Series 2018 More Info »

Program Start: Tuesday, June 19th @ 6:15pm
Program Schedule: Tuesday @ 6:15pm; Wednesday @ 6:15pm; Thursday @ 7:00am; Saturday @ 7:30am.
Program Fee: FREE
Description: Fleet Feet San Diego is hosting a FREE Summer Series training program aimed at making you a faster runner! During this 8-week program, we will guide you through workouts that are specifically orchestrated to help you build speed. The first workout (Tuesday, 6/19) and the last workout (Tuesday, 8/14) will be 1-mile time-trials to help you track your growth. Each session will be lead by a coach, and you'll get in-depth coaching on proper running form, proper mechanics, dynamic warm-up routines, strength-building, and more. Join us from for up to FOUR (4) FREE weekly workouts. Round out your training by attending all four workouts, or pick and choose your days at your own discretion: Tuesday @ 6:15pm - Track Tuesday Wednesday @ 6:15pm - Social Run Thursday @ 7:00am - Strength Workout Saturday @ 7:30am - Long Run Plan for each workout to last 1 hour on average. Check in at each session to earn points. We'll give out prizes and rewards for those who show up to more than half of the Summer Series sessions during this period. The top participant in attendance will also earn a $100 gift card to FFSD :) Sign up online at : https://www.fitvil.com/group/4065-summerspeedseries2018/
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