Personal Rewards Program

Here at Fleet Feet San Diego we value your support of our locally owned and operated business. When you shop with us, we hope to give you expertise that are above and beyond the norm in a retail setting. We also try to go above and beyond in making sure you leave happily and look forward to coming back for your next visit.

When you visit us in-store we are happy to set you up for our Personal Rewards (PR) Program upon checkout to help you as a returning customer.

With your Personal Rewards profile you'll have access to:

  • $15 off your subsequent purchase for every $150 you spend (because everybody loves discounts)
  • Established purchase history (in case you can't remember what you bought and when)
  • Established electronic record of receipts (no need to keep your copy)
  • Access to our bi-monthly newsletter (you'll receive updates on events, promotions and more)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Rewards points accumulated are equal to the pre-tax dollar amount per ticket
  • Gift card purchases DO NOT count towards points accumulated
  • Purchases made with a redeemed gift card DO count towards points total
  • Rewards earned are only redeemable for in-store purchases upon future visits
  • Rewards that are redeemed do not count towards future points
  • Points total is reduced by total of return/refund transactions
  • Personal Rewards are not redeemable for cash
  • All purchases are subject to state sales tax
  • Personal Rewards Program accounts are limited to one person or one household family
  • Personal Rewards Points are not valid for online purchases
  • Personal Rewards Credits expire 60 days after being added to your account

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